Sunday, August 31, 2008

Satisfied with what I've got

Well, because of the high price point of Yaoi, I just don't find myself buying the books anymore (It's a good thing Be Beautiful isn't printing, then). I suppose I should change the name of this blog, but I've grown attached to it. I still have my eye on 'Voice or Noise' just because it is a BL manga for the non-BL lover.

I am currently enjoying CLAMP's lighthearted fare (compared to their climactic X/1999, T Babylon, and RG Veda). 'Genshiken' is also an appealing title because of the care taken in representing otaku. I've also pledged to buy volumes of 'Tsubasa' and 'xxxHolic' simultaneously, but have been procrastinating.

I just purchased 'Bride of the Water God' manhwa and the art is stunning, but the story doesn't seem in stride (the artist would rather move the plot along with pictures, which explains the lack of dialogue).


  1. WOW! The title page art of "The Bride of the Water God" is incredible. It prompted me to look up any other work by Ms.Yoon. I found "A Cat That Loved a Fish" scanlated by MegKF (unlicensed). Oh my! The art and story are breath taking in that one.

    Is the "Bride of the Water God" story line based on a Korean Myth? I just may have to buy up volume 1!

    Thanks for the rec.

  2. You're welcome for the rec!!

    I don't actually know if it's based on a Korean myth. The art is breathtaking in "Bride...", and it comes with 4 gorgeous colour pages!

  3. Oy, you spend money on all your yaoi? You may want to skip over to file-sharing sites like MangaFox (they have a decent selection of yaoi and other manga) as well as /y/ on 4Chan (where fans occasionally upload scantalated manga.)
    That's how I read Under Grand Hotel (you might like that manga. It's flawed in some ways, but it gets better as you read on. The cover art isn't as great as the art inside, either.)

  4. Thanks roxythekiller, but the only scanlations I read are either on, or I download the new Finder chapters. I've heard a lot of great things about Under Grand Hotel, though.