Monday, April 28, 2008

Birthday Post!

Hey y'all, it's my birthday today, so if you want to send me those volumes of Yaoi, now's your excuse! It is my 19th birthday and I have now a total of 73 Volumes of Yaoi! Not a lot, but that number is growing!

I have a lot of Yaoi I want to review, but I don't want to flood my blog with so many reviews. I'm getting all three tomes of "Scandalous Seiryo University" sooner or later from my good smut gods at World's Biggest Book Store so I might just post a 3-in-1 review for that.

I still need to finish "Prime Minister's Secret Diplomacy" because I'm lazy about finishing it. I really appreciate the work Youka Nitta puts into her stories, though.

My current fave publisher is... KITTY MEDIA for being so smuttastic!

Have a good day and don't forget to reread your favourite books!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Gerard & Jacques Volume 1

On a whim, I bought "Gerard & Jacques Volume 1", published by BLU, yesterday at World's Biggest Book Store. I don't have many Fumi Yoshinaga books, but this is because I deem her covers too ugly to be worth a purchase. I was, most definitely, proved wrong!

I think Fumi Yoshinaga's books are well-suited to male readers because her characters share much more in common with gay men than your average Yaoi manga. Even though Yaoi manga is fantasy, Yoshinaga-sensei will present her stories with a realistic quality that will appeal to gay readers.

Rather than being pretty, Gerard and Jacques are expressive and raw men compared to, say, Haruka Minami's doll-faced boys. Jacques is not a bumbling uke, but rather a loyal subject to Gerard and would do anything for him (in Yaoidom, this means sex as well). Gerard met Jacques at a whorehouse, then promptly freed him and took him as his servant. The story gets more interesting as Gerard's full back story is told later on in the book. There is no plot device here that forces these two characters together for no reason. They all meet and develop their relationship logically.

I have been avoiding Fumi Yoshinaga's books, and for that matter, BLU's books, for the longest time now and now realize what I was missing. It was a fast read, but definitely a memorable one. The explicit sex was more meaningful between these two characters, and I really appreciate what BLU was trying to accomplish: a well-written, memorable read for fans of Yaoi, but equally suitable for gay readers as well.

May 9, 08 EDIT: Please do not get the impression that this is a gay men only blog. I wish for Gentlemen AND Ladies to gain insight from my reviews.

Friday, April 25, 2008

First Post!

I have been wanting to write about Yaoi for a long time for others to see and I'm glad I finally up and did it!

This blog will feature Yaoi reviews and opinions from a male perspective (a male with raging hormones, obviously). I invite Yaoi Connoisseurs of all genders to read my blog and gain some insight on yaoi from a male's perspective.

Let the fun start now! Don't forget to vote in the poll!