Tuesday, October 14, 2008

People actually read this thing?

After my daily perusing of mangablog.com, I found an article about Yaoi mangas that would satisfy the bored reader. The article mentions reading Fumi Yoshinaga, Est Em, and Kano Miyamoto titles, and I certainly agree with that. On the blogroll was menonyaoi, and I'm quite shocked and thankful that people are reading what I have to say (however unimportant it may be). The blog is "Fujoshi Librarian" and I recommend all my readers to check it out.

As you may have noticed in past posts, I have somewhat strayed away from Yaoi. Just recently, however, I have gone back to purchasing a few new Yaoi titles to clog my bookshelves. What becomes the problem is that Yaoi is hard to read if I'm not super-motivated to read it. It takes less energy to read some unattached Shonen or Josei manga, but with Yaoi, it's always different.