Tuesday, October 14, 2008

People actually read this thing?

After my daily perusing of mangablog.com, I found an article about Yaoi mangas that would satisfy the bored reader. The article mentions reading Fumi Yoshinaga, Est Em, and Kano Miyamoto titles, and I certainly agree with that. On the blogroll was menonyaoi, and I'm quite shocked and thankful that people are reading what I have to say (however unimportant it may be). The blog is "Fujoshi Librarian" and I recommend all my readers to check it out.

As you may have noticed in past posts, I have somewhat strayed away from Yaoi. Just recently, however, I have gone back to purchasing a few new Yaoi titles to clog my bookshelves. What becomes the problem is that Yaoi is hard to read if I'm not super-motivated to read it. It takes less energy to read some unattached Shonen or Josei manga, but with Yaoi, it's always different.


  1. Oliver,
    YAY! You're back! I was getting tired of reading that last post (tee-hee). I was wondering, what is it about "Virtuoso di Amore" that you love so much? I picked it up fairly recently and just was curious on why you hold it in such high regard. What new yaoi titles are you reading these days?


  2. how funny..I love yaoi!!.please visit my blog..http://astheroshe.blogspot.com/..just ignore the personal shit i type....Found you looking for something to post for a friend, she is a Yaoi freak too> :)..anytime you want to talk..smut!..I'm your girl...

  3. Hi Kris! Much love to you! I guess you didn't hold Virtuoso in high regard, huh?

    Well, I think I liked it because it was one of my first Yaoi GNs that I picked up (first from DQ as well) and I just thought that the art was superior in every way, and the story was quite dramatic.

    At the time when I was reading, I was so engrossed in it, I finished it in one sitting. It stands out for me.

  4. Oliver,

    I'm still on the fence with Virtuoso, but I admit I prefer it to Black Sun (Ogasawara-sensei's other English release). Sensei's art is magnificent I'll give it that, but I've only read Virtuoso once. I'll be reading through it again soon though, I need to get my review written.

    Thanks for the love!