Friday, July 25, 2008

Mysterious New Yaoi Titles!!

I came across some exciting news all by myself!! I found new Yaoi titles listed for release in 2009 on

"Bound by Time" by CJ Michalski (lols!!!)
"Noodle Shop Affair Volume 1" by CJ Michalski (double lols!!)
"Take Me To Heaven" by Nase Yamato
"Naughty But Nice Volume 1" by Naduki Koujima
"Love Round!!!" by Hinako Takanaga

The publisher wasn't listed for any of these titles, and I looked for any official announcement, but could not find it. I suspect it to be Deux Press, but wait and see.

*edit Aug. 7, '08: kris (see comments) has confirmed these are Deux Press (Aurora) titles (see entries)

Monday, July 21, 2008

New Poll is Up/Kitty Observations

Hi everyone, sorry I've been stale on the review front. I want to begin reviewing some Kitty Media books in the near-future because I just like to promote the little guy.

Speaking of Kitty Media, they've been quiet through this whole ordeal of publishers' troubles and the Biblos breakdown. They have still been able to get us the books, no matter what. Sure, some people have had complaints about their printing choice, but we don't always need our manga to have so many bells and whistles. They're also the only North American publisher to bring over works by Row Takakura. Some may see her works as a more feminine, but her style just reminds me that the whole genre of Yaoi is about Beautiful Men. I wish to see more Row Takakura works in the future. (Also Haruka Minami!!!! lol)

Please wait for my reviews! I will get to them this summer.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Sorry about the lack of posts lately. The two big events were Yaoi Jamboree and Anime Expo, and those were already well-covered by other websites. I suppose all this blog is useful for is reviews (and I am just too lazy to do those).

All I can say now is that Yaoi has hit a road block with two of its best publishers not releasing their books (for now, hopefully). I was hoping they would try publishing at least some books for 2008, but it just has not happened yet. I'm losing hope each and every month. The whole CPM/Libre thing has got my knickers in a knot because I don't get to see more volumes of Embracing Love. Also, the Be Beautiful had updated their site at the beginning of the year to say "2008 Catalogue", but nothing yet has been released.

DramaQueen's investor-stalling situation is really unfortunate because their books are just so gosh-darn beautiful. Plus, their licenses are incredible.

To be honest, I am not going to be buying books from other companies just because they're available. Rather, I'm saving my money for when the big time comes and DQ and/or BB have new releases. Just because June is releasing 5+ books a month, doesn't mean the licenses are spectacular.

For all Hinako Takanaga fans who, like me, are desperately waiting for "Tyrant", Blu has picked up two of her newer works for the latter half of '08. Also, 801 is releasing Black Sun from Uki Ogasawara in November, so all is not lost. "The Crimson Spell 2" should come out this Summer from Kitty Media as well. Have faith, Yaoi fans!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

You're My Love Prize in Re-Negotiating (2)

Sorry to all those who read this blog hoping for new posts in a long time.

I just want to clarify an issue that I wasn't clear on before. Regarding my May post about the re-licensing of the popular "Finder Series"(here), I was off on some details. The article in question from listed links to other blogs, and eventually linked to Libre's staff blog(Japanese publisher of "Finder"). The translation of Libre's blog (however reliable it is) stated that there was plans of re-publishing it in English, but it did not say whether it was going to a new publisher, or staying with CPM (Be Beautiful's Parent Company). The translation of another Japanese post also noted that the release would be far in the future (perhaps when Finder 10 is released in Japan? Who knows?!). Don't hold your breath, folks.

Of course, all this information was gathered from the internet, so please question the reliability of sources and assume nothing. All I know is, there's many exciting Yaoi series being steadily published into English that deserve just as much attention. I'm starting to get hooked on the "Takumi-Kun Series", as well as, "Voice or Noise", and "Junjo Romantica". It's not really a Yaoi drought when a few series are put on hold, since there are *gasp* like ten other publishers!!!