Thursday, August 14, 2008

New manga avenues

Sometimes I need to take a break from Yaoi, so I am now seeking out new, non-Yaoi series' from Tokyopop (for some reason, their line fascinates me). I am currently reading "Aria" which is a beautiful manga, as well as "Chobits". I also have a strange hankering to read, "Cardcaptor Sakura". I am one of those people who doesn't consider himself a CLAMP fanatic, but actually does have a soft spot for their manga.


  1. I adore the works of CLAMP as well. Chobits is entertaining: I think you will enjoy it, depending on where your soft spot for CLAMP originates from. If, like myself, your main soft spot reason is because you you fell in love with their works Tokyo Babylon or X/1999 where all adult males are either tragic heroes or angsty teens with stories full of violence, you may be disappointed.
    Otherwise, you'll like light-hearted, bumbling Hideki. It is a good change of pace. I read 'Suki' by CLAMP, also non BL, on one of my rare ventures away from yaoi and fell in love with the sweet protagonist and mysterious teacher.

  2. @mightymaeve:

    Thank-you for your suggestions. I would like to read Suki as well, except that it's out of print. Of course, you've probably read Legal Drug as well, which was a semi-diversion away from Yaoi.