Sunday, December 28, 2008

eep! Sorry for the lack of posts!

Hi Readers (if there are any left):

I am so sorry I neglected to post anything on this blog recently. I kind of went through a transition of loving Yaoi, hating it, loving it again, then loving Shoujo, then willing to give Yaoi another try while still loving Shoujo. Whew!

I still have about 100 Yaoi GNs I could review for you (minus of course the DramaQueen and Be Beautiful titles since they're out-of-print). I don't know where to start, but hopefully I'll have another review up soon. There's also a lot more discussion to be had, too.

You may have already found out, but I'll repeat it here that Kitty Media has licensed a new manga for release in March '09 called 'Yokai Hunger' by Naono Bohra. Also, Kitty Media is releasing the fourth instalment of the 'Scandalous Seiryo University' series called 'Class Reunion' in February 2009. Also, BLU Manga has decided to continue the 'Tea for Two' series, and volume 3 should come out in May '09. Should be hot!!