Saturday, July 5, 2008

You're My Love Prize in Re-Negotiating (2)

Sorry to all those who read this blog hoping for new posts in a long time.

I just want to clarify an issue that I wasn't clear on before. Regarding my May post about the re-licensing of the popular "Finder Series"(here), I was off on some details. The article in question from listed links to other blogs, and eventually linked to Libre's staff blog(Japanese publisher of "Finder"). The translation of Libre's blog (however reliable it is) stated that there was plans of re-publishing it in English, but it did not say whether it was going to a new publisher, or staying with CPM (Be Beautiful's Parent Company). The translation of another Japanese post also noted that the release would be far in the future (perhaps when Finder 10 is released in Japan? Who knows?!). Don't hold your breath, folks.

Of course, all this information was gathered from the internet, so please question the reliability of sources and assume nothing. All I know is, there's many exciting Yaoi series being steadily published into English that deserve just as much attention. I'm starting to get hooked on the "Takumi-Kun Series", as well as, "Voice or Noise", and "Junjo Romantica". It's not really a Yaoi drought when a few series are put on hold, since there are *gasp* like ten other publishers!!!


  1. Oliver,
    Thank you for bringing up "Voice or Noise" at the end of your post. I think it is an amazing series and I am so excited that the Japanese release of the third volume is quickly coming (sometime in August.) You also brought up Takumi-kun. Sadly Blu isn't planning on releasing any more of the Takumi-kun series past the third book. Boo!

  2. Hi Kris:

    What?! Are you kidding me? No more Takumi-kun? Where did you find this out? Geez, scary...

    Yeah, I adore "Voice or Noise". How could we not fall in love with this charming manga? Also, good news, June has licensed another title by this author (go here:

  3. Oliver,

    The Takumi-kun series is ongoing in Japan and Blu has only licenced the first three. I had wondered when the next volumes would be coming out so I sent an inquiry to the publisher through their website. I received a response that they weren't going beyond the third volume. It's a huge gyp in my opinion. The art is amazing and the story is one that has me hooked. At least I have the fourth volume of Black Knight to look forward to in February of next year. But with all of the restructuring of Tokyopop the Nakajima version of Gakuen Heaven has been pushed back to a later date. And I was unable to get confirmation from Blu if they were planning on publishing Voice or Noise 3. But that may be my own fault by the way I structured the question. If they are publishing it, we can look forward to it Spring/Summer of next year (unless they pull a Takumi-kun and stop the series at volume two).