Monday, July 21, 2008

New Poll is Up/Kitty Observations

Hi everyone, sorry I've been stale on the review front. I want to begin reviewing some Kitty Media books in the near-future because I just like to promote the little guy.

Speaking of Kitty Media, they've been quiet through this whole ordeal of publishers' troubles and the Biblos breakdown. They have still been able to get us the books, no matter what. Sure, some people have had complaints about their printing choice, but we don't always need our manga to have so many bells and whistles. They're also the only North American publisher to bring over works by Row Takakura. Some may see her works as a more feminine, but her style just reminds me that the whole genre of Yaoi is about Beautiful Men. I wish to see more Row Takakura works in the future. (Also Haruka Minami!!!! lol)

Please wait for my reviews! I will get to them this summer.

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