Monday, May 19, 2008

Review and Other Stuff

I'm reading "I Can't Stop Loving You" Vol.1 by Row Takakura currently, and I really enjoy the art that I have been seeing. Admittedly, Yu, the Uke, looks very feminine (is that what gay guys call, "Femmy"?), but the Seme, Kyouji, is loads attractive with his long, flowing hair and big, masculine body. It was a real turn-on when a ghost possessed Yu and decided to ravish him by making him touch himself, very creative! The visuals are pretty, the story's an easy read, and it's the cheapest Yaoi you can get without stealing it.

On another topic, my last entry may have been a little grim, but I just felt that I have missed out on a lot of great non-Yaoi series. You see, I kept my manga obsession strictly to Yaoi. As my interest for reading Yaoi weakened, though, I have taken a shine to Shonen manga such as Death Note. Shonen means boy, and I'm a boy, so why not?

Reading Shonen manga again (I stopped when I discovered Yaoi) has brought enjoyment. There are way longer series than Yaoi could ever have and the progression of the story happens faster. Of course, in romance, things tend to slow down but as a male, I feel entitled to read some action series now and then.

I am also very happy that people have been discussing Yaoi in the comments section of some posts. I am sorry I have not posted many reviews, but it's hard for me to sit down and think about what I'm going to type about one book. Maybe I'll just mention bits and pieces about books I find along the way.

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